Garden Tips

  • Free Unsplash Image: Setting up an indoor herb garden in your home is a small project with a large impact. It doesn’t cost much or requires a lot of effort but growing fresh herbs in your kitchen can turn into a wonderful hobby, will promote healthy coo... View Post
  • *Royalty-free image source here  Now is the perfect time to pick up a hobby you can do from home. Composting is an eco-friendly activity that lets you reduce your family’s waste while also creating healthy soil feeder. Pair your compost with organic fertilizer and sprinkle on your yard and gar... View Post
  • Exploring and interacting with a community garden can be an exciting way to grow your own food, learn gardening tips from others, and help the environment. But what if your community doesn’t have a community garden? Here are 12 easy steps to start your own!  Step 1: Get neighbors involved!   ... View Post