Garden Tips

  • *Royalty-free image source here  Now is the perfect time to pick up a hobby you can do from home. Composting is an eco-friendly activity that lets you reduce your family’s waste while also creating healthy soil feeder. Pair your compost with organic fertilizer and sprinkle on your yard and gar... View Post
  • Exploring and interacting with a community garden can be an exciting way to grow your own food, learn gardening tips from others, and help the environment. But what if your community doesn’t have a community garden? Here are 12 easy steps to start your own!  Step 1: Get neighbors involved!   ... View Post
  • Don't get me wrong, having a variety of beneficial pollinators in our gardens is a good thing. Likewise, there are many intruders we do not want to see in our garden. I'm talking about those pesky pests that tear up your healthy plants.  Some examples of pests that are not wanted in your garden a... View Post