The 7 Best Herbs to Grow In Your Kitchen

Kitchen Herbs

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Setting up an indoor herb garden in your home is a small project with a large impact. It doesn’t cost much or requires a lot of effort but growing fresh herbs in your kitchen can turn into a wonderful hobby, will promote healthy cooking and on top of it all elevate the design of your space! While indoor plants, large or small, are beautiful decor elements and will even improve the air quality in your home, nothing can beat the benefits of growing edible plants. 


If you’re looking to set up an indoor herb garden in your kitchen now, there’s a few things you should gather:

  • Pots or planters (with saucers or trays)
  • Potting mix and small pebbles
  • Seeds or pre-grown herbs from a nursery


    You can grow herbs in any kitchen, no matter how small or dark. While herbs will grow easiest on a windowsill or on your kitchen counter where they receive lots of natural light, you can also create a vertical garden to save space on your counters and set up a fluorescent light so your herbs can grow well.


    Make sure the pots or planters you buy have drainage holes and fill the bottom with small pebbles before adding potting mix and the herbs of your choice. This will allow the water to drain out properly and avoid the herbs from rotting in soil that is too moist. Placing your pots on a tray or saucers will ensure that the excess water and dirt flowing out of the drainage holes when you water your herbs get caught.


    Some herbs grow better when they’re close to other plants. Herbs that will benefit from companion planting are mint, parsley, cilantro, thyme and chives. You can grow them in the same planter or just place them close to each other to promote plant growth, health and flavor. 


    Check out the handy guide below to learn how to care for the best herbs you can grow indoors and get some inspiration on how to use them in your cooking!

    Indoor Herb Garden