Our Mission

To improve the health of our soils, seas, and skies by safely repurposing nutrient dense organic wastes into sustainable bio-fertilizers.

Nearly 60% of most animals raised for human consumption is waste.

Industrial food waste has been a burden for every sector involved: concentrated animal feeding operations, food processors, local waste collectors, and above all – our environment. That waste is a top contributor of greenhouse gas emissions.



When this food waste decomposes anaerobically in a landfill, it emits ozone destroying gases such as methane and carbon dioxide. Unfortunately, most of the gas emitted from this waste is methane, which is 25 times more destructive to the ozone layer than carbon dioxide (EPA, 2018).

So... What Now?

Traditional agriculture practices have depleted our soils of organic matter, and farmers are continuously looking for new ways to replenish their soil with organics and microbial life.

The Progressive Digestion Process is the most energy efficient technology available today that can handle every part of the animal and convert it into something beneficial for our planet.

This process is done in a fully solar powered facility in the heart of Salinas Valley, California.


AgroThrive organic fertilizers are one of the only organic fertilizers in retail that have a long history of use in certified organic agriculture. Many of our nation's largest USDA certified organic growers use AgroThrive products to grow the certified organic fruits, vegetables, and flowers found in our local grocery stores.


Before any organic fertilizer can be used by certified organic farms, they must be listed by OMRI, CDFA, and/or WSDA as compliant with the USDA NOP rule for certified organic farming.


This is a confirmation to the consumers that these products have been scrutinized, inspected, and are vetted annually for compliance with NOP organic rule.


Therefore, our customers can rest assured that they are buying absolutely the best products for their lawns, gardens, and indoor/outdoor plants.