Science & Technology

The Science Behind PDP

We apply food science, microbiology, biochemistry, and fermentation technologies as the main tools to perfect our Progressive Digestion Process.

The Progressive Digestion Process (PDP) is an environmentally responsible technology that bridges the gap between industrial food waste and nutritious organic fertilizers in just 21 days.

PDP harnesses the natural microbial and enzymatic digestion of organic inputs to break down raw materials while creating biological heat, eliminating harmful pathogens in the process.

This digestion is achieved without adding any outside inoculum or external heat to kill pathogens.

Root Hair Scanning Electron Micrograph of AgroThrive General Purpose VS Conventional 6-25-25

Stimulating Root Growth

Under a microscope one can witness the magic of AgroThrive.

Comparing our General Purpose fertilizer (left) with a chemical fertilizer (right), it is clear that AgroThrive increased the density and length of root hairs on this 6-week old cauliflower rootlet for better water and nutrient absorption.

Plant Protection

This cross section shows a significant increase in microbial activity inside the phloem cells (AgroThrive, left) compared to the chemical fertilizer (right).

Microbes help with plant protection, nutrient conversion, and corresponding nutrient absorption by plants.

Root Cell Scanning Electron Micrograph of AgroThrive General Purpose VS Conventional 6-25-25

Nutritious Ingredients

AgroThrive organic fertilizers are made of high protein inedibles from fish filleting operations that may otherwise end up in landfills and destroy our environment.

We combine these animal-based protein sources with corn steep liquor, a nutritious source of plant-based proteins to give our end products a wider array of nutrients than your average fish emulsion or organic fertilizer blend.

Rather than simply blending these ingredients together, we put it through our proprietary Progressive Digestion Process (PDP) to break down the nutrients to a simple form where plants can absorb them rapidly. This process is the reason why users can see results in less than a week after applying!

Feed the Soil

The end result of PDP is a highly microbially active organic bio-fertilizer with a well balanced array of micro and macro nutrients that gives the soil everything it needs for plants to thrive.

Not only does AgroThrive add more microbial life to the soil, but it also feeds the indigenous microflora that is already in the soil to facilitate biomass production. 

Fertilizer in Soil