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AgroThrive Organic Liquid Fertilizer | Fast Acting | Sample Bundle

AgroThrive Liquid Organic Fertilizer

The first predigested organic fertilizer that provides quick & healthy plant growth while rebuilding the soil.

More Than Just NPK

Predigested Organics

Easy to Use Fertilizer

More Than Just NPK

Predigested Organics

Easy to Use Fertilizer

More Than Just NPK

Predigested Organics

Fertilizing, Made Easy

Sample Bundle

Finally, a Fast Acting Organic Fertilizer

More Than Just NPK

Plants rely on a healthy, living ecosystem in the soil. Each bottle of AgroThrive contains everything your plants and soil need to Thrive from start to finish.

AgroThrive is a highly microbially active organic bio-fertilizer with a well balanced array of micro and macro nutrients derived from both plant and animal sources. Not only does AgroThrive add more microbial life to the soil, but it also feeds the indigenous microflora that is already in the soil to facilitate biomass production.

AgroThrive Organic Fertilizer cross section showing microbial activity
AgroThrive Organic Fertilizer | Fast acting results on plants

Predigested Means Fast Acting

Traditional organic fertilizers are simply blends of organic materials.When applied to soil, the plants rely on soil microbes to break down those nutrients to a simple form that the plants can eventually absorb.

This digestion process usually takes anywhere from 2-6 weeks to take place in soil, which can make growing organically quite a challenge.

AgroThrive is the only organic fertilizer on the market that has already gone through this digestion process before going into the soil, which is why users can see results in less than a week!

Fertilizing Made Easy

AgroThrive is extremely easy to use. Simply mix with water and apply! Common application methods include:

Watering can, drip line, pump sprayer, sprinkler, or hose end sprayer.

Better yet, we make it even easier by providing step by step instructions via email after purchase.

AgroThrive Organic Fertilizer | Easy to Use | Watering Can

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