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About AgroThrive

AgroThrive is a liquid organic fertilizer best known for causing vigorous root growth that leads to better growth of foliage, followed by better disease resistance, and better yields.

Our bio-fertilizers are made from nutritious organic materials that may otherwise end up in landfills and harm the environment. Our proprietary technology safely converts these materials into a beneficial plant food that improves plant and soil quality, while eliminating harmful pathogens in the process.


Since 2006 we've grown our business with commercial farmers by word of mouth, as our faithful customers continue to expand their operations and recommend AgroThrive to others.

Now available through Ace Hardware, the home gardener has the ability to use AgroThrive and Grow Like The Pros!


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We offer all retailers a support package to jump-start the in-store sales process. As soon as you make a purchase from the warehouse, contact AgroThrive and we will send your location a support package free of charge.


We'll include:

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x6 General Purpose 4oz Samples

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Why Choose AgroThrive?

100% Natural

Our nutrient-rich ingredients include concentrated plant proteins, fish, seafood, and other food industry waste.

Best Results

Our microbe and nutrient rich liquid fertilizer is IMMEDIATELY absorbed by plants resulting in vigorous root growth that leads to better growth of foliage, followed by better disease resistance, and better yields.

Best Quality

Quality control begins by evaluation and nutritional analysis of raw materials. According to the nutritional content of incoming organic materials each AgroThrive product is carefully formulated to ensure constant nutritional content and product consistency.

Environmentally Friendly

Rather than going into landfills, organic waste used by AgroThrive prevents millions of cubic feet of methane release into the atmosphere. Our facility in California is completely powered by solar panels, completely replacing our traditional electric power needs.

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Food Safety & Quality Assurance

AgroThrive, Inc. is the only organic bio-fertilizer manufacturer that uses HACCP, a food safety technology reserved for production of food for human consumption.

Our PDP process delivers pathogen kill several times that of traditional composting while leaving beneficial microbes viable for their overall contribution to soil health.

In addition, our QA program includes complete pathogen and nutrient analyses of every lot with a hold and release program and a computerized trace back system in place.

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PDP: The Sustainable Solution for Handling Industrial Food Waste

The PDP Process and How AgroThrive is Made

Meet the Founder + Learn Why AgroThrive Was Started

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7839996 - 32oz Fruiting & Flowering
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7839970 - 320oz Fruiting & Flowering

7840515 - 32oz General Purpose
7840044 - 64oz General Purpose
78440507 - 128oz General Purpose
7840424 - 320oz General Purpose

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