Weekly Contest Winners

  • This week’s winning photo was submitted by Brian Bass from North Carolina! Brian started planting all different types of vegetables and flowers late in the season but when he found AgroThrive, this is what he said about his experience!  “This is part of my garden, it has onions, tomatoes, cucumb... View Post
  • This week's winning photo was submitted by Maren from California! Maren has beautiful raised garden beds with a variety of different healthy vegetables. Here is what she said about her plants after using AgroThrive:  “This is one of my beds. I fed AgroThrive using a watering can directly to the ... View Post
  • This week's winning photo was submitted by Mary Sousa from California! Mary is an avid gardener who uses gardening as a relaxing getaway. Here's what she said about how AgroThrive has benefitted her garden: “We are Portuguese and love kale and fresh vegetables and fish. Gardening is relaxing to ... View Post