"Now all the plants in my garden are thriving like never before." - Sam

Today's weekly garden contest winner photo was submitted by Sam from Florida!  

"I've been gardening in Florida for many years; Florida is a tough environment on plants. I discovered AgroThrive on Facebook, ordered a sample, saw instant results, then ordered 2.5 gallons. Now all the plants in my garden are thriving like never before. My eggplants are taller, the leaves are more vibrant and healthier than I have ever seen. Each plant is producing between 50 and 75 eggplants at one time, plus, more blossoms starts on the way. I have never seen so many eggplants on a single plant. AgroThrive is living up to its name, by making my plants thrive. If a photo is worth a thousand words, here are some awesome pics to show just how much my plants are Thriving using AgroThrive." - Sam

Thank you for sharing this wonderful feedback, Sam, and congrats on winning a free 1-gallon bottle of AgroThrive!⁠

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