AgroThrive Weekly Garden Contest Winner

AgroThrive Weekly Garden Contest Winner

This week’s winning photo was submitted by Brain Wade Jamandre from Ohio!  

Brain Wade usually uses compost in his robust garden, but because of COVID-19 he wasn't able to buy any this year. Luckily however, he found AgroThrive! This is what he said about his experience:  

“I started using AgroThrive 4 weeks ago about a few weeks after I planted seedlings on my garden beds. I was not able to buy fresh/new compost to place on the beds because of shutdown orders (due to Covid19) from garden centers. I am very surprised at the results! After the first 2 applications (I used AgroThrive once a week), You can definitely see the leaves are greener, lusher and the stems of my tomato and basil seedlings are getting stronger and healthier. This is only the first season that I've used your product, but I think I will continue to use it for many seasons to come. I have found the best organic fertilizer! thank you!”  - Brian

We are so glad Brian saw exceptional results (and wow, what a garden!). We'll be sending him a FREE gallon of AgroThrive this week.  

Thank you all so much for sharing your garden photos with us. Keep sending your garden pictures in and you might be next week’s winner! You can enter as many times as you will like for more chances to win a free gallon of AgroThrive. Happy Growing everyone! 

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