AgroThrive Weekly Garden Contest Winner

AgroThrive Weekly Garden Contest Winner


This week’s winning photo was submitted by Brian Bass from North Carolina!

Brian started planting all different types of vegetables and flowers late in the season but when he found AgroThrive, this is what he said about his experience! 

“This is part of my garden, it has onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and various flowers. I got started planting late and all of my friends plants were much bigger than mine but, after using some of your product, it blew up! My garden not only looks better than theirs, I am getting way more cucumbers and zucchini than they are. I am literally picking twice a day. I wanted to go all organic and I am so glad that I found you guys.” - Brian

Picking crops twice a day! Wow. Brian shows AgroThrive helps plants grow above and beyond their potential! We are so thrilled to help with Brian’s friendly competition and to send him a FREE gallon of AgroThrive! 

Thank you all so much for sharing your garden photos with us. Keep sending your garden pictures in and you might be next week’s winner! You can enter as many times as you would like for more chances to win a free gallon of AgroThrive. Happy Growing everyone!


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