AgroThrive Weekly Garden Contest Winner

AgroThrive Weekly Garden Contest Winner


This week's winning photo was submitted by Mary Sousa from California!

Mary is an avid gardener who uses gardening as a relaxing getaway. Here's what she said about how AgroThrive has benefitted her garden:

“We are Portuguese and love kale and fresh vegetables and fish. Gardening is relaxing to me until new neighbors moved in and their big dogs dig into our backyard and garden and tore the garden apart. After the third time I was devastated but once again began planting and then fertilized with AgroThrive and here are the results. I have been sharing with family and friends. It’s awesome. Last year was tomatoes. This year is kale and you should see our apple tree - it’s full apples. This product is amazing and it really works!” 

- Mary Sousa

She proves that time and time again AgroThrive will continue to perform. We are excited to send her a free gallon of AgroThrive so she can continue to grow her amazing garden! 

Thank you to everyone sharing your garden photos, keep sending them in and you might be next week's winner! You can also enter as many times as you would like for more chances to win a free gallon of AgroThrive! Happy Growing Everyone!

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