"AgroThrive has made it effortless to get amazing results in this small space. " -Sean

Today's weekly garden contest winner photo was submitted by Sean from Florida!

"I’m still a relatively new gardener with a small garden on the side of my house that is maybe 800 square feet. I grow everything vertical to save space. I have 3 kids that seemed to be allergic to vegetables(joking) getting everyone out in the garden has brought our family closer together. AgroThrive has made it effortless to get amazing results in this small space. I use it on everything. I’ve done side by sides and it is night and day in just a few days. It’s the best organic fertilizer I have used. One of my biggest worries was burning plants. Not with this stuff! It’s amazing. Everything in my garden is so green and happy. I’m not having problems with bugs or diseases because of how healthy everything is. AgroThrive has helped me bring my family closer to a healthy lifestyle bringing fresh veggies to our family with ease." - Sean

Thank you for sharing this wonderful feedback Theodore, and congrats on winning a free 1-gallon bottle of AgroThrive!⁠

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