AgroThive Weekly Garden Contest Winner

AgroThive Weekly Garden Contest Winner

This week’s winning photos were submitted by Joe Romanyschyn from New York!  

Joe has tried growing sunflowers twice before with no avail. This season however, with the help of AgroThrive and his green thumb, his sunflowers grew over 10 feet tall! Here is what he said about his experience growing with AgroThrive:  

“Hi, I have enclosed some pictures of my garden this year. I purchased the general-purpose product from your company and it has made a major difference in my garden. I tried growing sunflowers 2 times prior to this with little luck. Look at my sunflower pictures now!! Amazing how many heads I have and look at the 10" one and it is still growing!! Peppers I took a picture on 7-7 and then on 7-27 and look at how it grew and how the rest are doing. The most impressive is the zucchini that I did not plant but came up in my compost bin. I have been using your fertilizer and look at the size!!!! That bed is 8" long and the amount of flowers is incredible. I am so glad that I bought your product that I just ordered more.” - Joe

With the right fertilizer, anything is possible in the garden. We’ll be sending him a FREE gallon of AgroThrive this week! 

Thank you all so much for sharing your garden photos with us. Keep sending us your garden photos and you might be next week’s winner! You can enter as many times as you want for more chances to win a free gallon of AgroThrive. Happy Growing everyone!  

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