AgroThive Weekly Garden Contest Winner

AgroThive Weekly Garden Contest Winner

This week’s winning photos were submitted by Jeanne Chun from California!  

California goes through a few dry spells and is hard to keep the soil full of nutrients. Luckily Jeanne found the solution, AgroThrive! Here is what she said about her experience:  

“I used AgroThrive on my raised planter and here are my plants nearly 2 months later, healthy and strong! Here in our part of California, it's always a challenge keeping plants hydrated and alive during the dry season, which is most of the year. AgroThrive helps me do just that. Thanks!” - Jeanne

We are excited to see the progress she has already made and can’t wait to see more! We'll be sending her a FREE gallon of AgroThrive this week!  

Thank you all so much for sharing your garden photos with us. Keep sending us your garden photos and you might be next week’s winner! You can enter as many times as you want for more chances to win a free gallon of AgroThrive. Happy Growing everyone! 

Enter next week's contest HERE.

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