AgroThrive “Get One, Give One” Partnership with The Homeless Garden Project 2023

From May 22-May 28, 2023, every purchase made on will help provide the equivalent volume of AgroThrive organic fertilizer to The Homeless Garden Project. Click below to watch last year’s video!

The Homeless Garden Project is an established non-profit organization that provides job training, transitional employment and support services to people who are experiencing homelessness. Conjointly, they provide vibrant education and volunteer programs for the broader community at their CCOF certified 3.5-acre small scale mixed vegetable, herb, and flower organic farm in Santa Cruz, CA.

This blended experience breaks down the profound sense of isolation felt by many people experiencing homelessness, while providing a platform for those who want to learn and take action. Moving as a diverse, symbiotic ecosystem, the Homeless Garden Project builds a path out of homelessness, betters our local food system, and connects people through community service and environmental stewardship.

The practices and methods we put into practice are sustainable, regenerative, and deeply grounded in agroecological approaches. Global issues such as climate change, biodiversity loss, drought, and soil erosion are all addressed through these ecologically friendly agricultural approaches by sequestering carbon from the atmosphere, promoting rich biodiverse ecosystems, and adding soil organic matter. Soils constitute the largest organic carbon pool on the Earth and play a critical role in regulating climate and mitigating climate change through trade-offs between greenhouse gas emission and carbon sequestration. For this reason, soil organic matter is of the utmost importance regarding climate change adaptation and mitigation. Scientists know that soils are central to nitrogen and phosphorus flows, the integrity of the biosphere, and changes to the climate and land system. At Homeless Garden Project we are so grateful for AgroThrive due to its amazing capacity to provide nutrition to our crops and plays a vital role in maintaining our soil, crop health, and overall contributes to agricultural resiliency. AgroThrive allows us to boost everything from our delicious and popular strawberry patch, as well as the wide range of vegetables throughout the year.” - Brian Sweeney, Director of Operations, The Homeless Garden Project

The Homeless Garden Project’s employment training is focused on stewardship, conservation, and regenerative agriculture principles. This program teaches skills that truly transform lives for those who wish to maintain a stable, productive place in society.


With the help of our gardening community, AgroThrive has been fueling The Homeless Garden Project with organic fertilizer since 2019, supporting their mission to cultivate a thriving and inclusive community, workforce, and local food system. 


To learn more about The Homeless Garden Project’s transitional employment programs, click here.

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