What's a Pre-Digested Fertilizer?

Organic gardeners are faced with many challenges that come with growing food naturally, without the use of chemicals and pesticides. One of the biggest challenges has to do with how we feed our plants, and learning exactly why organic fertilizers take so long to be converted into plant food may help organic growers overcome some of these challenges. 

Plants need nutrients in a simple molecular structure to be absorbed by the roots. With chemical fertilizers, this is easy. Chemical fertilizers provide plants with nutrients in a simple form that their roots can absorb immediately, which is why users can see results in as little as a day.

However, the use of chemical fertilizers doesn’t do much for your soil or the rest of the environment around the plants. Soil is a living, breathing organism that relies on beneficial microbes to feed and protect plants from environmental stressors such as diseases, pathogens, and pest pressures when amended properly. 

When microbial life has been neglected over time, the plants grown in that soil are essentially defenseless, and susceptible to all types of negative environmental pressures.

Organic fertilizers do a much better job of feeding the soil as well as the plant, as the microbes in soil continue to break down these organic materials to their simple form. This also fosters additional microbial growth, as the death of one species provides life for another to continue breaking down everything in its vicinity to eventually provide plants with a wide variety of simple nutrients needed to thrive.

This digestion process can take weeks, sometimes months for users to see results, which can make growing organically quite a challenge for some.

This is because traditional organic fertilizers are simply blends of organic nutrients. When applied to soil, the plants rely on soil microbes to break down those nutrients to a simple form that plants can eventually absorb. 

However, applying a pre-digested organic fertilizer like AgroThrive can provide your plants and soil with all the beneficial microbes and organic nutrients in their simple form, plus the remaining nutrients in various stages of digestion, resulting in longer feeding as the more complex molecules get broken down over time.

AgroThrive is the only pre-digested organic fertilizer that has already gone through the natural microbial digestion that would otherwise take weeks to take place in soil, allowing users to experience vigorous root growth and bigger foliage in less than a week!


  • Dennis

    The education Agro-Thrive provides on this website is really great. Every gardener, large or small, needs to know how to take care of their soil to get the results they are hoping for. I’ve been gardening in my backyard for years and use compost whenever I can, but never understood how the fertilization processes worked. Thanks for the information! I’ll keep using compost and supplement it with Agro-Thrive.

  • Russell

    I was shocked at how quickly my plants responded with fast growth.

  • Bob plewnarz

    I started using AgroThrive in Spring of 2020 on roses, fruit trees and vegetable crops. The results were immediate and remarkable. Higher leaf count, larger stem diameters, more and larger blossoms and improved fruit yield. Very good products!

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