How to Unlock the Nutrients Being Held in Your Granular Fertilizer

Granular fertilizers are a great addition to your garden soil, as they provide a number of slow release nutrients that give food for soil microbes to break down over time. 

To some gardeners this microbial digestion process can take a long time, essentially leaving “locked up” nutrients that plants can’t absorb unless they have been properly broken down.

Many organic granular fertilizers such as chicken manures, bone meals, blood meals, and feather meals have to be heat treated to kill pathogens, which typically results in baking the material at high temperatures. This is an effective way to kill pathogens, but inadvertently it also kills all the good microbial life that would otherwise be beneficial to the plants and soil. 

Adding a microbially active organic bio-fertilizer can give your soil an extra boost of microbes to help break down these materials for a quicker release of nutrients for the plants.

Better yet, if it is applied on top of the granules, it will have a surfactant effect that allows more water to penetrate through the material to help solubilize the nutrients within it. 

The ultimate goal of fertilizing is to provide your plants with simple nutrients that they can absorb and grow from, which is why it is recommended to supplement a microbially active liquid like AgroThrive with every granular application at a 2% dilution.

This fertilizer also includes a wide array of pre-digested nutrients for plants to absorb immediately, contributing to vigorous root growth, bigger foliage, and ultimately better tasting yields.

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