Bigger Roots Make Bigger Fruits

The key to a healthy root system starts with the soil, and the key to a healthy soil is having a soil rich with beneficial microbes. 

Lack of balanced nutrition and beneficial microbes in soil results in stressed plants, which attract pathogens and predatory insects.

In order to grow healthy, stress free plants, it is critical to understand what is happening in the rhizosphere. The rhizosphere is the tiny layer between the roots and soil, where all interaction between microbes and plants take place. 

If a plant has beneficial microbes on the surface of the roots and root hairs, as well as inside the plant, it is very difficult for pathogens to set up shop in the root zone and infiltrate the plant. 

The beneficial bacteria produce plant growth hormones and chemicals that help plants overcome stress from droughts, high temperatures, high salinity, solubilization of heavy metals, and so much more through competitive inhibition.

These scanning electron micrographs of 6-week old cauliflower plantlets grown with AgroThrive organic bio-fertilizer (left)  vs. a 6-25-25 Chemical fertilizer (right) show exactly what plant health really means, and why plants need more than just NPK.



These images show the difference in root hair density and length at a microscopic level as a result of AgroThrive General Purpose (left), compared to chemical 6-25-25 fertilizer.

An increased length and density of root hairs allows more surface area for the plants to absorb nutrients and water, which is critical for strong, healthy plant growth.



​​This micrograph shows a significant increase in microbial activity on the surface of the roots (AgroThrive, left) compared to the chemical fertilizer (right).

Microbes help with plant protection, nutrient conversion, and corresponding nutrient absorption by plants.

This cross section shows a significant increase in microbial activity inside the phloem cells (AgroThrive, left) compared to the chemical fertilizer (right).

The nutrients from the photosynthetic leaves travel through the phloem cells down to the root zone to feed and attract more beneficial microbes that help feed and protect the plant.

They also produce plant growth hormones and chemicals that help plants overcome stress from droughts, high temperatures, high salinity, and solubilization of heavy metals.

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  • Darren Leighty

    I’ve only been using your product for four weeks. Prior to that I used the blue stuff. With the blue stuff I had beautiful plants but not much fruit and veggies. Came across Agro thrive Following lazy dog farms YT channel. I bought some all purpose and bloom formula and a week after first application my trap flowers were blooming like never before my squash and tomatoes started blooming and setting fruit like never before. I even sprayed it on a marigold that I transplanted two separate times during the garden a year it had a few flowers here and there through the spring and summer but after one application within a week it was covered in flowers. A month in I’m sold on this product it’s the real deal. It made me a rookie gardener look like I knew what I was doing. I’m going to always make sure I have plenty of this on hand it’s a great product!

  • J. RIley Stewart

    Would really like to see a comparison of your PDP process to just using green waste compost. Or even more useful a comparison to fermented green wast (e.g., Korean Natural Farming; bokashi).

  • Richard Gryniewicz

    Used your product for the first time last growing season and was impressed. All of my vegetables did.better than previous years. The highlight was a pineapple tomatoe plant that put out five tomatoes over two pounds and many more smaller ones.

  • Gale Jenness

    I have bought several gallon as well as your small sample containers and just waiting to use it this year in the garden. We have high hopes it will make the difference in our plants as been claimed. I’ll be glad to share those results after we see what our plants do at harvesting time! I truly look forward and excited to see how well your products work? I rather use organic fertilizer then chemicals any day! So hoping this works really well!

  • Brazzlie

    I have been using your product for over 3 years and I know that it works. I have used it in my flower bed and my raise bed garden. Better and bigger vegetables and flowers. Thank you
    Ms. Jones from Georgia

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