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Results in Less Than a Week

Traditional organic fertilizers are simply blends of organic nutrients. When applied to soil, the plants rely on soil microbes to break down those nutrients to a simple form that the plants can eventually absorb.

This digestion process usually takes anywhere from 2-6 weeks in soil, which can make growing organically quite a challenge.

AgroThrive is the only organic fertilizer that has already gone through this digestion process before going into the soil, which is why users can see results in less than a week!

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AgroThrive is more than just fertilizer NPK

More Than Just NPK

Plants rely on a healthy, living ecosystem in the soil. Each bottle of AgroThrive contains everything your plants and soil need to Thrive from start to finish.

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Fertilizing garden with AgroThrive organic fertilizer, safe for pets and home

Experience Safe, Organic Results

Our products have gone through the Progressive Digestion Process to provide the safest, most effective fertilizers for your garden.

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Rebuild our planets soil using agrothrive organic fertilizer

Rebuild Our Planet

AgroThrive's solar powered facility repurposes harmful organic wastes that usually would have otherwise gone to landfills into a safe, nutritious organic fertilizer.

Our Impact

Thank You, Farmers!

Feeding the world's population isn't easy, and we appreciate the farmers who work hard to provide us with our next meals.

AgroThrive has been trusted by some of the largest USDA certified organic farmers for over a decade.

Now every grower can Grow Like a Pro!

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