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AgroThrive LF – Liquid Organic Fertilizer

AgroThrive LF is a premium liquid organic NPK fertilizer with guaranteed minimum analysis of 2.5-2.5-1.5 NPK. Because our liquid organic fertilizer is cold filtered to a 100-mesh specification, it is easily applied through all irrigation systems with no plugging. This liquid organic NPK fertilizer is ideal in certified organic agriculture to meet the goals of nutrient supply and stimulation of soil microbes. AgroThrive LF possess surfactant qualities for ease of root, water, and nutrient penetration. In addition, it is applied over pelletized organic fertilizers to enhance solubility and nutrient release. AgroThrive LF liquid organic fertilizer is also used in conventional practices for root stimulation and improved plant and soil health. If you are interested in growing your garden with the same fertilizer as your store bought organic fruits & veggies, explore our retail consumer products. AgroThrive Home and Garden is ideal for smaller acreage, hydroponic and home garden use. You can learn more about them here.

Recommended Rates

Crop Applied Rate Results
Berries 9 x 10 gpa/2 wks Increased yield, Improved quality
Brassica 3 x 20 gpa Increased yield, Improved uniformity
Carrots/Potatoes 2 x 20 gpa Increased yield, Improved uniformity
Cotton 2 x 10 gpa Increased yield of seeds, lint, and turnout
Grapevines 3 x 15 gpa Increased yield, Better color
Lettuce/Spinach 20 gpa/mo Increased yield, Improved quality
Onions/Peas 2 x 20 gpa Increased yield
Tomatoes 10 gpa/2 wks Increased yield, Improved quality
Fruit Trees 2 x 40 gpa Increased yield, Improved fruit quality
Nut Trees 3 x 20 gpa Longer branches, Bushier trees
For other crops please contact your supplier or AgroThrive, Inc.
Conventional crops, replace 25% by volume of nitrogen fertilizers with LF or LFN to stimulate roots, plant & soil health, and reduce nutrient leaching.
gpa = gallons per acre
mo = month

Food Safety & Quality Assurance

AgroThrive, Inc. is the only organic bio-fertilizer manufacturer that uses HACCP, a food safety technology reserved for production of food for human consumption. Our PDP process delivers pathogen kill several times that of traditional composting while leaving beneficial microbes viable for their overall contribution to soil health. In addition, our QA program includes complete pathogen and nutrient analyses of every lot with a hold and release program and a computerized trace back system in place. A heavy metals analysis and Nitrogen 14 to Nitrogen 15 ratio for organic integrity is provided every 3 months.