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AgroThrive Dry Organic Fertilizer – Top Dressing

AgroThrive TD is a dry organic fertilizer and soil conditioner with a guaranteed minimum analysis of 7-3-3 NPK. TD has 7% nitrogen, 50% organic carbon, 8% humic acids, as well as high content of soil beneficial microbes. Its unique physical and nutritional characteristics make it an excellent choice for high-end nursery and greenhouse applications when mixed with potting soil at a 3%-10% of total mix. Field operations add TD to compost before broadcast spreading and subsequent soil incorporation. Please check back soon for pelletized version of TD.

Recommended Rates

Crop Applied Rate Results
Flowers 500 lb/acre Better foliar, Better color
Broccoli 750 lb/acre Increased yield
Cauliflower 750 lb/acre Increased yield
Cucumber 750 lb/acre Bigger cucumbers
Lettuce 500 lb/acre Bigger heads
Melons 500 lb/acre Bigger melons
Peppers 500 lb/acre Bigger peppers
Tomatoes 500 lb/acre Bigger tomatoes
Nut Trees 1/2 ton/acre Longer branches, Bushier trees
For other crops please contact your supplier or AgroThrive, Inc.

Food Safety & Quality Assurance

AgroThrive, Inc. is the only organic bio-fertilizer manufacturer that uses HACCP, a food safety technology reserved for production of food for human consumption. Our PDP process delivers pathogen kill several times that of traditional composting while leaving beneficial microbes viable for their overall contribution to soil health. In addition, our QA program includes complete pathogen and nutrient analyses of every lot with a hold and release program and a computerized trace back system in place. A heavy metals analysis and Nitrogen 14 to Nitrogen 15 ratio for organic integrity is provided every 3 months.